It’s time to feed your inner Tiger

There is a true champion in everyone.

To be a true champion is something inside you, it is your whole being – how you breathe, eat, walk and act.

A young man (or woman!) desires to become a successful millionaire, so he goes to see the

wise guru, who knows the greatest secret to success.

The young man says to the teacher, “I want to become rich and successful. Can you help me?”

The guru smiles and says, “Meet me at the beach tomorrow at 4:00 AM, and I will tell you the secret to success.”

So the next morning, the young man shows up on the beach at 4:00 AM, just like the guru had

asked, wearing a suit and tie. Upon arriving, he realizes that the guru is already in the water

swimming, dressed not in a suit and tie, but in a pair of swimming trunks.

The guru spots the young man and motions for him to come in the water.

So the young man goes knee-deep into the water. “Come out further,” the guru says.

“This is an expensive suit,” the young man replies, “I came here to learn the secret to success,

not the secret to swimming.”

“The secret must be told in this water. It is your choice to learn the secret or not.”

So the young man goes waist-deep into the water, soaking his expensive suit.

“Further,” the guru says.

The young man becomes irritated. “Listen old man,” he says with impatience, “I’m already in the water. I didn’t come here for a swimming lesson. Tell me the secret to success now or I’m leaving.” The guru, unaffected by the young man’s outburst, replies calmly, “You are already waist-deep.

What’s a few more steps?” So the young man wades deeper into the water until the water is up to his neck. The sun is beginning to rise. “So tell me the secret,” the young man demands.

The guru says, “Sure,” and suddenly forces the young man’s head under the water.

The young man, caught off guard, swallows salty sea water by accident and begins to drown.

He flails his arms and tries to push the guru off him, but the guru continues to hold the young

man’s head underwater, using all of his strength to keep him there.

Just before the young man loses consciousness, the guru pulls the young man back up, who

begins coughing immediately and gasping for air.

The guru immediately asks the young man a question:

“When your head was under water, what did you want to do?”

“Kill…you…” the young man sputtered out between hacking coughs.

He grabs the guru with the intention of drowning him, but the young man is still trying to

recover and is unable to push the guru’s head underwater.

“Besides that,” the guru said, pushing the young man’s hands off him. The young man coughs

some more. He looks up at the guru and sees that he is still looking at him, waiting for a


His stern look causes the young man to become enraged.


He shoves the guru aside violently and begins stumbling towards the shore, coughing up sea

water as he wades and splashes.

What the guru says next however, stops the young man in his tracks:

“When you want success as much you wanted to breathe just now when you were drowning,

then, and ONLY THEN, will you have success.”

And with that, the guru goes back to swimming. (story by Eric Thomas)

Each person has a natural instinct to become the best of the best. Not everyone is willing to work hard for it. That’s why there are fewer successful people in the world than the rest of the world’s population. To be successful takes a lot of hard work, but to stay successful requires even more hard work. Once you have made it to the top, there will be thousands of people just like you that would do whatever it takes to also be as successful as you. So what makes you a champion? Is it the amount certificates, medals, accolades you have received to date? No, what really makes you a champion is that every time you fell, you doubt yourself, naysayers tell you that you can’t and when you are all alone laying in the shadows, rejected by your “friends” and you have no-one but yourself to count on and to pick yourself up. When you are faced with these similar circumstances more than once, but you come back again and again and again. You rise from the ashes of self-doubt and disbelieve like the phoenix you truly are.

Lets be honest you are going to fail and be negative a lot in your life time. but that does not mean you are a failure. Les Brown told a beautiful story about a teacher (Mr. Washington) telling him one day “don’t let someone else’s opinion of you, become your reality”

At school I was privileged to live in the residence. During rugby practices I stayed on the field up to 1 hour after practice, running more laps. At night I would slip out the residence to do additional rounds around the field in the moonlight. There was method in my madness… I wanted to become a Springbok rugby player. One day after an training session, one of the B team players came up to me and asked: “why I train so hard after everyone has gone?” Baring in mind that at that time, I played provincial schools plus I was in the First Team. I had my spot on the team - even if I decided NOT to show up for training.

My answer to him was: “If I wanted to be 50% as good as the best Springbok player I would need to work 200% as hard as the best Springbok player.” Most people reading this blog would have achieved some sort of accolades in their lives, or are working towards that achievement. However the secret is not in the technique – its in consistent application of the trained skill. In my life I have seen this many times. As a boy/girl they portray huge talent in a certain area, but as they grow older that same talent fades to an ordinary skill compared to other people. Have you been referred to as a “child prodigy” that was suppose to achieve greatness with your talents, but ended up with a average job as a sales person. (I don’t mean this derogatory at all) I’m sure you often meet people referring to their “young days” and how good they were in something, talking about it non stop! Well sir/madam, if you were that good why are you working as a clerk and not living your dream today..? It simple many people rely on their talent, but when talent is matched, hard work needs to carry talent. Most people simply does not have the courage or stamina to work hard every single day to support their talents.

You only have one opportunity to be your age today, use your talents that GOD have blessed you with. Make the best of it and you will be able to look back in 30 years and be very happy with your choices you have made in life. Results are not what makes you stand out as a champion, it’s what you do with your performance that will make you a champion. What do you do with it from the field? Outside the office/classroom? Are you a self-absorbed person who want all the glory and shine, or are you the person who uses their talents, gifts and achievements to inspire others? When someone needs help you there first to open the door, to help carry bags? From a young age you depend 90% on talent and 10% on hard work, as you grow older your rely 90% on (experience + work ethic )and 10% on skill.

Think of your Hero, it’s someone you like to look up, always doing the right thing, being nice to people and an exampling what he/she is doing.

So one day when you do those amazing things, remember you are someone’s hero.

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