KykNet Pluspunte Episode 1 – Building a strong Self Image

Do you sometimes feel that your Dreams are a 10 but your self image is only a 5?

In order to make your dreams come alive you have to align your dreams with your self image. Keep in mind that your dreams can only be as big as your self image allows it to be. Its like the saying goes: ” a small mind can never host a big dream”. How often have you found yourself on the verge of success, but you decided to talk yourself out of taking the next step? This is one of the most regular occurrences in our lives where we talk ourselves out of greatness. For whatever the reason, you might not feel adequate to handle the greatness you are headed for. Imagine you are invited to speak at a international economics summate to a thousand economists from around the world about world economics, would you decline or would your accept the challenge? Would you go as far as to open the floor to questions..?

The moment we realize that we might be over in our head, we tend to look for any remote gesture of anyone that will confirm the doubts we have in our mind about our own abilities. We will quickly latch on to their perception of us confirming that we might not be good enough, talented enough or experienced enough to be the chosen one for that specific task. What better way to put your mind at ease  than others to confirm what your mind is whispering to you. It is very important that you realize the following wherever you go in your life: “People have the tendency to camouflage their opinions as facts, nothing is final until you decide it is”.

Think about the people closest to you. The people that you spend the majority of time with during your day. What does their personalities say? Does it promote confidence? Are they happy for you when you achieve greatness? So often I see people with 500+ friend on Facebook, but when its their birthday, on average 10% will send them a Birthday wish on their wall. When they eventually decide to conger up all their guts and post something they feel strong about on Facebook or YouTube, then less than 1% of the so called “friends” will publicly comment, like or support that person. I wonder why that is..?

Sadly the only person you truly can rely on to help you build your self image is YOU. You might have light hearted support along the way, but lack of friendship commitment will unfortunately be part of the package. You can sit and moan about it, or you can use it to gain momentum and build an even stronger character and self image. Create the mind and soul of the person that will change the world. I would like to share a few tips on what you can do if you suffer from inferior “self imageolitus””:

  • Focus on what you like and not what other people expect you to like. Follow it with your heart and be passionate about it. Life is to short to live someone else’s life!
  • Develop your own Self talk. Address yourself with the same passion and commitment you should address your workers and kids when they are out of line from time to time. Call yourself by name and shout at yourself  if need be, because you are your biggest asset and if you don’t address your development no one will.
  • Develop a POWER STATEMENT! Figure out what your goals are and talk to yourself in future tense about it. Tell people that you have achieved it (even if they might think you are crazy). That way you create expectation that it will happen and you have an responsibility to deliver. After all you have publicly committed already.
  • Remove negative thinking and words from your vocabulary. Your brain is the fertile soil and your thoughts are the seeds. Ensure you sow the right seeds, because your thoughts become your reality.
  • Celebrate your victories (small or big), you have to share and appreciate what you do for yourself. Why els are you doing all of this?

As human beings we are constantly exposed to 2 things: Negative and positive. There is no in between for us. Whatever happens around you – you don’t have much control over, but what you do with it is totally in your control.



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