KykNet Pluspunte Episode 2 – True Happiness

Happiness is such a short word, but it has such a equivalent value.

What makes this word sometimes so unbearable is the fact that most people do not have the slightest idea what makes them happy and how they will find their true happiness one day. That begs the question: “How happy can you be if you don’t know what truly makes you happy in life?” The only way you can really reach the maturity level of understanding what will truly make you happy is by doing introspection.

I’m not referring to meditation, I’m talking about being honest with yourself and asking yourself the difficult questions that will expose yourself as an human being. Who you are, what you stand for and and where you are heading. Exposing your character for what it is, and re-examining your foundation as an human being. Understanding what it is that gives you goosebumps and make your heart race. In other words what gives you belonging? It is more of an emotional journey that you expose your current and future self.

If you are not willing to have a “Spade meeting” (a meeting where you call a spade a spade), you will never discover your happiness, and you will constantly live other people’s lives. Most people are busy living the dreams of others by running on their behalf after their dreams. Only once you consciously decide to chase after your own passion, will you experience true happiness.

Ecclesiastics 4:4 ” And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind”

There is no way that any form of materialistic items can ever bring everlasting happiness. The reason for that is that all new items start out as a novelty and after a while it becomes just another item. Think about how many times you washed your new car. How often do you wash it these days? Our souls have been designed that only the pure and geniune good things in life will ever stay a priority in our lives. We will always have a emotional attachment to it, like love, affection and emotions.

Back in the 50’s woman used to get a fit when Elvis appeared on stage, nowadays people refer to it in nostalgia. Only for a short while it had its existence and so it will be with everything in existence today and in the future.

As you grow and improve your life it is very important that you grow and improve yourinner happiness. By adding value to other’s lives, making a difference where others are struggling. Your abbility to change the lives of others is the key to true happiness. Money cant buy it, and therefor also cant be earased from your being. It is untouchable and out of reach from any kind of darknes. This is what people will remember you by, the legendary tale that will be told about you far after you have departed from Mother Earth.

Don’t wait for the change – Be the change!


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