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Taking your live to the next Level – Author: Rudolf Goosen – DELIVERED



Self-help books are a dime a dozen, but there are few that combine an array of personal experiences and insights in such a simple and easy-to-read format. Furthermore, in writing this book Rudolf has achieved something quite spectacular: a self-help book that applies to virtually ALL aspects of life, and not just some specific sphere or particular aspect of our existence. In fact, this is a book about LIFE and how best to live it, and judging by Rudolf’s experiences that he shares so honestly and abundantly, he certainly has lived it to the full and has written a tale to prove it.

Yet this is less about Rudolf than about our own lives and how to improve them. As Rudolf says: “Unless you pursue your purpose actively during your life, you will never have the privilege of living it.” In effect, what he has written here is a road map for achieving not only that, but also a life of passion, power and peace which stems naturally from simply doing what we love and most wish to do – and which also happens to be the birthright and purpose of every single one of us.
What makes this book so special too is that it is written by someone who was told he would never accomplish such a thing as this, and yet here it is – a real gem that not only proves the detractors wrong, but also offers the rest of us the
necessary information and advice with which to take our own lives to the next level as well.
And in this, Rudolf has succeeded magnificently!

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