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“Rudolf has made me realize that I need to wake up and smell the roses! I need to focus on what is important. I now know the mistakes I use to make, but I can fix it!”
Quentin Stanfliet
“Rudolf has given me the opportunity to believe in myself and my abilities. He motivated me to be a better self in all that I do.
John Klein
“Mr. Goosen has taught me so much about what I can achieve and that my abilities are endless.”
Ryan Francis
“Rudolf has the ability to captivate an entire room, by touching each and every individual with great Speaking sand presentational skills”
Michael Jones
“I attended the 12 week self-development course with Rudolf and it changed my life. I have achieved so much by applying the talent I have always possessed.”
Leilani Swart
“Rudolf has taught me to see the opportunity in everything. He also taught me how to work with my personal finances, and today I’m debt free!”
Leigh-Ann Burger