My Services - What I do

Keynote Speaking

My Keynote speaking services is nothing like the “normal” guest speaker experience. I use my professional communication skills combined with my years of corporate training and self-development tools to deliver the core message. It’s about connecting with my client and audience to change their lives. Why else would you spend money going to listen to a keynote speaker or paying a speaker to come speak to your staff or members?

Keynote Speaking areas of expertise:

  • Motivational Talks – self-development.
  • Inspirational Talks – Sales teams/Office Staff/Corporate teams
  • Life Skill Talks – Schools /Universities/Businesses
  • Leadership Development – Businesses/Corporates
  • Entrepreneurial Talks – Financial management & Business management
  • Achievement Talks – Sport teams / Sales teams

Mental Coaching

I have been living a “mediocre” life for a long time. I have been “casual” about life, and wondered why I ended up being a casualty of life. All because I allowed myself to suppress my true talents and not taking the time to set goals for my life. Feeling frustrated, not achieving your goals? You might not have any goals, but you definitely know that you need to have more from your life or your Sales Teams/Business partners… There are many great coaches out there, but what sets me apart is that I have developed a coaching system that can be applied to any individual or group. With little effort you will be able to not only discover yourself, but set goals, work on the goals and ultimately achieve those goals

Mental Coaching areas of expertise:

  • Goals setting – Individual / Group
  • Achieving your goals – Individual/Group
  • Successful people management – Individual / Group
  • Life Skill development – Businesses/Individuals/Primary & High school students/Universities
  • Communication – How to read people and get the best out of them.
  • Successful negotiations – Individuals/Groups